Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Best thing I've heard in a while

A friend of mine hates weed, and he recently referred to it as 'hippy cigarette stuff'. Tell me that's not top class.

An electro-house/fidget mix that isn't shit

Yes I know, electrohouse and fidget and all those modern terms generally mean some pretty anodyne, passionless electronic is nearby. Found this one Mixcloud from DJ Noms - there's just something good about it! You know someone's done a good mix when you're enjoying tracks that you'd usually hate. Fuck it, maybe I'm all strung out on a big bag of illlegal party drugs without knowing it and it's removed the critical part of my brain.

The Dirtiest Of The Dirt-Electro/Dirtydutch Mix by Djnoms on Mixcloud

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Vote for DJM!

Mate of mine - DJM aka Dan The Hat (part of the Quake soundsystem) - is competing in a DJ competition organised by clothing company Bench. He's a lot better in terms of technical abilty than the rest of them oiks, and he ain't no soulless little scene prick either (like plenty of DJs we know).

All you have to do is press play on his mix. Not hard really! Go on, do it.

Listen here

DIE3 - A Bomb Sandwich Compilation

This was originally put out in a limited edition of 50 in 2007, when I used put on gigs as Bomb Sandwich. The compilation features tracks from Ad Hoc, Widow's Peak, Noah Brown, Glenn Danzig (forgot to ask the loveable angry little midget if his inclusion was OK, be reyt), Jacob Richards (CHILD STAR), Derek Terminal, Special Feeling, Projekat and Deathqunt. Few bangers on here to be fair (the definition of 'banger' clearly being very subjective).