Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Interview with Matt Miles Dixon

This man is FUCKING GOOD AT MUSIC, so we got a few words from him. Enjoy...

The first I heard of you was Infrasonic Nature (an EP released by the Hremig label last year). It makes me feel like taking a journey on my own. What feelings, if any, do you put into your music?

I'm not surprised about that EP making you feel like taking a journey on your own. Most of the sounds in that EP were created, or at least manipulated when i was high or drunk at sunrise. Im not saying that there are no feelings within my music but for Infrasonic Nature there was no deliberate emotional portrayal. From what i remember the main feeling i wanted it to give myself as i was creating these sounds was hypnosis. Subconsciously, I guess.

I don't have a clue how you put your stuff together. Please enlighten me.

Paul stretch, Ableton Live and samples taken from everywhere...

Why do you make music?

Force of habit, I reckon. The itch came from teenage dreams of being some important heavy duty rock god. Screaming phrases backwards into highly boosted guitar pickups to then reverse it and see what it sounds like (YAG SI TTAM!). I was being surrounded and supported into some sort of musical life from family, and my mates reinforced that notion. The reason I have kept making music is to do with the fact its the only thing I feel intelligent about and it keeps me happy, not to mention busy.

Do you make music for anyone in particular? And are you concerned with the reactions of those hearing it?

I make music for other people, thats the whole point of playing music. I would like to say i didn't care, to be 'totally hip' but i do care. I care a lot of what the people i respect think of it anyway. I couldn't care if any bootniks screamed at me to stop making that horrible noise, as i have displayed in the past. Awkward gigs...

Other than your solo material, what other projects/bands are you involved in?

I played drums in SLOWCOACHES (new band in the process of starting with two thirds of the band, plus drummer Will) - sloppy fuzz punk. Really good FUN.

I also play acoustic shows now and again with a series of effects and amplification.

What is 2011 saying for you far?

A lot of say and all to do. Talk of a SLOWCOAHES release in spring/summer, and the usual FUN that comes with that. Hopefully start playing songs with my mate Will.

Please identify three shit bands and three great ones.

Shit bands : they know who they are.http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif

Good bands : Caboladies, Bugskull and Shit and Shine.

What is the most horrible injury you can imagine?http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif

Some kind of blunt object lodged into the bottom of your knee going up underneath the cartilage and out the other side. Grim.


You can get Matt's EP Infrasonic Nature here in exchange for a lump of cash.

Or you listen/download from here.

Matt Miles Dixon on Soundcloud

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