Monday, 30 January 2012

Various Artists - Allstars EP (Ghost House Records) - RELEASED TODAY!!!

Yesterday saw the second release of grime superman-type figure DJ Spooky's label Ghost House Records, having already put out the 'Rusty Bell EP'. This one - 'Allstars EP' - has productions from Spooky, Deset, Teeza and Moony. All four tracks are bangers to be fair, but the Moony contribution 'Music 4 U' is particuarly strong (a piece of 140bpm music that is more old-school breaks than grime, but fits itself well into a grime set).

Listen and buy! (Juno recommended, link below. Amazon sell 224kbps mp3s so forget them, iTunes is bad for that too.)

Ghost House Records
Spooky's official site

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