Friday, 16 November 2012

HOGWASH 2/DJ mix download

Next Hogwash a soon come. Here's the flyer:

And here is a mix to download by myself Noah.
Noah Brown Hogwash Mix Nov 2012


Theme from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Aleister Crowley - The Call Of The First Aethyr (Enochian Version)
Exuma - Exuma, the Obeah Man
Pengo - Voices Inside The Circle
Abner Jay - Cocaine Blues
Regis - Rites
Basic House - Jane (Master)
Smell & Quim - Fuckseed
Psychic TV - Cadaques
DJ Wrongspeed - Talk & Ads
Factorymen - Factoryman
Brown - I Am Going To Stab Myself
Balam Acab - See Birds
Coil - The Anal Staircase
Cut Hands - Stabbers Conspiracy
Ceramic Hobs - The Gay Skinhead

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